Product Review-Sandistore Flat Contour Brush

Hello, Lovelies!

Okay, like so many other people, I have been on the search for the 'perfect contour brush' and I have found it!!!

This brush will take your contouring to a new level of awesome!! It can do soft contour as well as dramatic. You can get that crisp line with the flexibility to blend a little more for a more subtle look.

  • Material:Wooden Handle + Animal Hair And Fiber
  • Brush Length:app 14.5cm

These are some amazingly soft bristles that feel awesome on the skin. I have not had an issue with shedding and it picks up product very well.

I have had no product fall out as with some brushes i have tried.

This product did come from China so it took a few weeks to get. I ordered on January 13th and I received it on January 25th.

Have you purchased a product recently that you love and would like for me to try? Leave a comment and let me know!

To order go to this link