Subscription Review (Notoriously Morbid)

Hello, Lovelies!! I am so EXCITED to share with you my Vanishing Cabinet of the Month from Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics !! I have been waiting for this one for what seems like FOREVER!!!

Let's dive right in!

This is the package I received it has 2 full-size eye shadow pigments 1 sample lipstick, 1 full-size highlighter and a Fireball candy. :).


This month's theme is "Stronger Than Death" inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's version of Bram Stoker's Dracula!! (one of my all time favorite movies!!)

Okay, first thing first, I LOVE this lipstick! The color is inspired by Lucy's dramatic red lip. This lipstick is smooth and creamy. Just in the amount of time it was on my hand for this swatch, it took a while of rubbing to get it off. I wouldn't say it's as powerful in it's staying ability as a long-wear lipstick but it will stay on throughout the day. (This lipstick color is not yet released but will be making its mark later this year in Diablo's new lipstick tubes)

'See Me Now' is a beautiful purple/blue with green and teal shifts.


"Love What You Love" is what I call Shamrock Green with teal and a peachy beige shift almost iridescent.




"My Beloved" is a beautiful highlighter that's a peachy pink with a lot of shimmer. The top swatch is a very light amount and the bottom swatch is a bit more. This would be great for under brow highlighter or for just a pop of color on the lid. You can tone it down with some translucent powder for a beautiful cheek highlighter. This is definitely a multi-tasker.


Notoriously Morbid cosmetics has definitely impressed me with their products and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for the VCoM next month!  $13.25 gets you all of this and with NMCs adding more variety and new products before they are released I'm super STOKED!!

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