Coastal Scents Single Shadow Review

Hello, Lovelies!! So after receiving my Coastal Scents single shadows yesterday I thought I should review them! (why not right?!)

Here is how they come



Well, I have to start out by saying THANK YOU COASTAL SCENTS FOR MAKING THEM MAGNETIC! I can put them into my Z-Palette without having to add an additional magnet!

Second, they really are beautiful colors and easy to work with. The Vibrant colors (pink, plum and green) are not as smooth as the others, but well worth it. I found as with most vibrant colors it does take a little more layering to get the color to pop! At $1.95 each, I am VERY happy with them!



Here are some swatches and as you can see the pigmentation is very good. As stated before, the vibrant ones did need a few more layers, but I was expecting that.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Are there any of your favorites that I should try? What's your favorite color?