What Was I Thinking! (WWIT)

Hello Lovelies! This blog was inspired by cleaning out my make-up studio. As I was going through things I caught myself saying 'what was I thinking?!' So I decided to make a blog about it!


Revlon Photo-ready Airbrush: So can we just talk about the smell of this for one moment please! Why does this have to smell like pure alcohol!? I know some foundations don't smell good but come on! (end rant) This is a mousse like foundation that definitely cool to the touch and feels great going on the skin, however it shows EVERY imperfection that foundation is supposed to hide. Not cool in my book Revlon

Rimmel Lasting Finish: 'Skin perfecting full coverage foundation' I have not found this to be true. First of all, it accentuates EVERY pore I have on my forehead. Second, it did not last! I don't have oily skin still it cracked on me soon after putting it on. Not only did it crack, it looked like I mixed chalk and water and threw it on with a paintbrush!

Maybelline Dream Wonder: This is the second product in the 'Dream' line that I have purchased, the first of which being the Dream Mousse (not impressed with that either). So the wand of this foundation seems slightly...pointless. While it is nice to have something to make it easier to get it out of the glass container, I think a pump would have been better. Design flaws aside- the formula I found was horrid. Instead of making my skin feel soft as it claimed to do, it felt oily.... like super oily... It was impossible to blend, every method I used from multiple brushes, beauty blender, fingers ect. it just smeared and streaked.


Lip Products:


Maybelline The Elixir: I will admit I was  super stoked to try these and I caught them on sale at Target.. I soon found out why they were on sale. Before I talk about the formula, lets talk about this wand. (center pic). So... The first time I opened this product i LITERALLY flung lip gloss all over my mirror! I love doe shaped wands. They are useful for getting every part of your lip without getting it everywhere else. The downside of this wand is the base is so fat it doesn't really fit into the tube.

Now for the formula. I got 4 colors (L to R) Raspberry Rhapsody, Vision in Violet, Amethyst Potion, and Caviar Couture, These are the stickiest, thickest formula I have ever used (including MAC LipGlass) The colors are so sheer and streaky. Not happy..

NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain: I tend not to expect alot when I purchase NYC but I thought this would be pretty good. I love lip stains however this one had me confused and not happy. So the formula is super thin and smells awful!  The color is so light that it doesn't do anything on my lips. I had purchased 2 other colors:pink and mauve and all had the same issue.


Eyeliner:  Benefit It's Real Push Up Liner

Like everyone else, I jumped on this Benefit bandwagon. After their awesome mascara and makeup remover of the same line I figured this had to be awesome as well right? Not really. I am not sure if maybe I got a bad one or old one or what. i had to watch the tutorial a million times and according the the views I wasn't the only one. I did not find this liner to be very consistent in color. As you can see from the swatches it takes a few times to get it started. Once I finally got the product through all it did was crumble. I didn't find that it gave me the seamless winged look that I get from my Kat Von D Tattoo liner or my gel liners. I finally got some product out of the angled tip and used a liner brush only to find that after a few hours it faded even after setting with a black shadow.

Simply Straight


Words of wisdom to myself.. So I bought this from Wal-Mart thinking it will make straightening my thick hair easier. I do not have curly hair nor is it straight, its a bit wavy.. I followed all of the instructions, separated my hair, let it heat up, added my normal heat protector and straightening enhancer and it did NOTHING but make my hair frizzy and feel like straw! At the end of the ceramic bristles is this rubbery end that kept getting caught in my hair. Once again advertisement lied to me :( I had alot of hope for this.


Have you tried any of these products? Have you had a different experience? Let me know!

~Love and Lipstick~