Beauty Box 5 Review-June

Let me start out by saying that I wasn't sure if I was going to get this box or not due to the mixed reviews I was seeing, but I decided to try it out. I currently get Ipsy ($10) this one is a little more ($12) a month. The price still isn't bad and it's a good way to try new things. Since this was my first month, I got a special give the Marsk Mineral Eye shadow in Vanilla Frosting.

I am not 100% into this months BB5, but I will give it another month and see what comes out.

I did get some good products and some things I am excited to share with you

Though this product wasn't part of the box, but a gift for signing up I really love it!

Marsk Mineral Eye shadow- Vanilla Frosting $22.50

This color is by far my favorite right now! I love some shimmer on the eyes and this is uber shimmer! As soon as I opened this and swatched it I had to do a look. The pigment lasted the entire time i had my makeup on. I recommend, with this, that you use a packing brush or a flat brush. This is not something you want to brush on, you will get fallout.

Now, on to the box!

June Theme: Made in the Shade

Prestige Brow and Last Brush. $3.25

Now, I have hauled some Prestige cosmetics in the past and for the price, they have some good products. This brush is good for those who use it. I don't. I stick to my spools for brows and lashes. I feel that BB5 threw this in as a last minute thing. These are extremely inexpensive.. not something I would expect to get.

Versa Spa Gradual Tanning Face Moisturizer. $35

I really can't say much on this. It's not something I would use. I don't do tanning, nor would I want to use this on just my face.. my luck is it would work then my face would be way darker than the rest of me ( I am pretty pale).

Side thought ' I did do a quiz when I got this box right?! '

But I digress.

Sweep Oval Face Brush $15

This is the ONLY thing in this box that I was stoked to try! I wasn't sure how this would work but so far I really like it! I did use it to blend my contour and it was seamless. I am not going to say I like it better than any of my other brushes but it is so soft and easy to use. It's super flexible to really allow for perfect blend-ability. I have to say I was impressed. I can say that I like it for applying highlight better than a fan or highlight brush. It seems to get it into the skin much better and doesn't cause alot of fallout .

Pure-lisse Treatment Mask. $8

I always see this in the store and thought about trying it. I have friends who have used this and love it.I will have to try this. Once I do I will do a review and include pictures.

Mannakada Bronze Highlight duo. $21

Again this is not something I will use much. The highlighter is a beautiful color and it blends very well especially with the Sweep brush. The contour color I am not a fan of. First, it's  super shimmery and I am very pale, not a good mix. It is SUPER pigmented and almost looks orange against my skin tone..

Thought to self 'Yes, I remember doing the quiz saying that I DO NOT like shimmer bronzer...hummmm'

So with all of this being said. I am not super thrilled about this box.. My favorite thing with the box is the Sweep brush ( if you haven't tried one yet, I recommend you try it out!) But my all time favorite thing was the gift I got to subscribing! I will give BB5 one more shot to impress me.

Have any of you tried BB5? If so, what are your thoughts?