Pur~lisse Mask- Review

Hello Lovelies!! I am so excited to share my experience of this treatment mask with you so let's dive right in! Pur~lisse Blue Lotus + Seaweed Mask $8 

This mask uses natural fibers with Blue Lotus, Seaweed and Asian botanicals to provide your skin with antioxidants and minerals. It soothes and nourishes making your skin feel amazing!

Step 1: clean your skin and grab you mask.

Step 2: Open package, remove mask, and unfold


I am not sure what exactly I was expecting to find when I opened this, but it's VERY 'gooey'. It's saturated with all kinds of skin wonder workers so take caution to not fling it around.

Step 3: Gently place mask on face. It has areas for your eye, nose, and mouth and is easy to place. (warning you may look like something out of a Leatherface movie)

I love the smell of this it smells very fresh and clean and it feels amazing on the skin!

Step 4: Smooth is over your face so it fits nicely


Step 5: Sit back and relax for 15-20 mins.

Surprisingly, this is comfortable to wear and after about 5 mins I forgot I had it on. Unlike other masks, this one doesn't have a drying feeling and remains comfortable the entire time you are wearing it.

Step 6: Remove and gently massage remaining product on your skin and let your skin soak up the goodness.



Use this product a few times a week for healthy, beautiful skin!



Now, I would love to hear your thoughts on this product! Have you tried it? Have you tried other ones similar? How did you like it?