6a3807142ce1d230b4bf86467120c2ea I hope everyone is doing great! I am happy to tell you all that I am currently collaborating with a wonderful group of bloggers from Beauties on Fire.

Beauties on Fire is an awesome community of Beauty and Fashion Bloggers to collaborate and share ideas. There are weekly themes polled on Twitter, once then vote has ended the fun begins! 


1.) Tell us a little about your blog and why you decided to start blogging.

I have a passion for everything beauty related. Starting at a young age I was introduced to the world of cosmetics from my Grandmother. I remember being a young kid playing in her 'makeup room' with all of her Mary Kay samples as she was working with customers and selling great products. I didn't start wearing makeup until late middle shool- early high school, at that time I was a M.A.C- aholic, there weren't any other makeup stores near me. After high school is when I really got into makeup and playing with different items and trying out so many brands. Now, I blog about things I test out, subscription boxes, as well as photoshoots and collaborations with Street Scenes Photography and the many amazing models that I work with.

2.) How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging for about a year. Not a super long time by some standards but  I do love it.

3.) Do you consider yourself a fashion blogger, beauty blogger, or both?

I am definitely a beauty blogger. I have my own form of fashion and have never really followed the typical 'trends'

4.) List 3 things you love to do besides blogging

  1. Crafting! When I am not blogging I am making things mainly jewelry ( CraftByKrystle)
  2. Spending time with family. I come from a tight-nit family and I love it! Car shows with my dad, girl days with my mom, and lunches with my grandma are just a few of the best parts. All of my family is super supportive and I wouldn't be where I am now without them!
  3. Shop- I love thrift stores, antique stores, flea markets, indie shows and everything of the like.

5) For Beauty Bloggers: What style of makeup do you enjoy the most: Natural, Trendy, Glamorous? Show us some of your best can create a small collage for this (this collage can be used to show readers your beauty style). Also, what is one beauty product you can’t live without and why.

Well,I have a few different styles. I love the classy pin-up look from the 1950's and incorporate parts of that in my daily makeup. I like to mix that up with the more dramatic trendy/glam side of me. I am a clusterbomb of makeup styles, but most importantly, my style is what I love!

The one thing I cannot live without is my Kat Von D ink liner. Talk about flawless winged liner! It's so pigmented and lasts all day and is super easy to use!



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