F.I. Friday: Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser


Happy Friday!!

So, over the past few trips to Sephora and Ulta, I received some samples of skin care items. I am always looking for things to strengthen my skin care game and I figured, why not try them out now.

I tried this Gentle Foaming Cleanser from Clarins.

Before we get into my review, let's look at some more information about this product.

$25 retail for a 4.2 oz tube which is a little on the luxury skincare side, however, it's one of their more affordable products.

The description says that it's a non-drying, creamy cleanser that removed impurities, makeup, and excess oil while keeping skin's natural moisture balance.

I am going to pause here.. I didn't find this entirely accurate. While this is super creamy and feels like silk when you apply it to the skin, I felt that it was too gentle. The texture reminds me much of  Clearasil's daily clear oil free daily face wash for sensitive skin. I noticed that, after I rinsed off my face, my skin felt a little tight and slightly dry around my nose, mouth, chin and forehead. Now, I do not have oily skin, I'm more on the dry side of the spectrum. I believe this would be great for those who have oily skin and amazing for those with sensitive skin.

I also noticed that, while I use a makeup remover to get off my makeup, after washing my face with this product, I still had makeup on. After a while, I had to go back and re-wash my face with my normal cleanser.

Now, this does have something in it that I personally haven't seen in a skincare line. Gypsophila A.K.A Baby's Breath. Most of us know this plant for its tiny white flowers that look great in bouquets. Baby's Breath also has been used by doctors and laundry workers for diuretic eliminating and cleaning power. Clarins currently uses Gypsophila root to aid in cleaning and foaming properties to purify.

I was slightly disappointed in this product considering all of the great reviews. I do tend to have super picky skin. I can't say this is a product that I would purchase. With that being said, if you have oily skin or sensitive skin and are looking for something new and want to try a luxury skincare brand this may be something for you to try.

For more information and to purchase check out Clarins also available at Ulta.

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