Studio Tour

hello-gorgeous-graphic Happy Monday!!

I thought I would start this week off with a tour of my makeup space.

It took me a long time to get it organized how I like. I took from a lot of videos and days of trial and error. So let's get started!


Currently, I am using an old dresser that I had.


This is actually 3 different pieces. The top holds my Mark Kay lipgloss and some tools. The next set of 3 drawers I purchased at Ross and the bottom one ( 2 long drawers and 2 shorter ones, I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. Drawer 1 Hold Mary Kay Lipsticks. Drawer 2 holds NYX Liquid Suede and Lingerie. Drawer 3 Nyx Velvet Matte lip creams, Extreme Shine lip creams, butter gloss and a few other NYX glosses.

Underneath that, I have

Too Faced Melted and other lip tars. To the right of that are my sample packs (great for on locations) and the last drawer are other random lip products.

Next to that, is my lipstick collections. I have 2 lipstick organizers ( I plan on upgrading to a lipstick tower as it takes up less counter space. After that, we have Skelly who hold my lip pencils then some other cute candle holder with brushes and my KVD Everlasting lip colection.


Here we have another 3 drawer unit. On top meet Frankie. Frankie has all of my eye pencils and a glass sugar skull that houses all of my lip balms. Under that is concealer, brow products, and liquid/gel liners.

Last thing on top of my counter is Foundation and my beauty sponges

On to the Drawers. The top Right Has all eye products. Mascara, Shadows (that haven't been de-potted, eye primers, glitters, pigments and paint pots.


Second drawer on the right has more eye products; Lashes, palettes, and shadow sticks

Moving to the left top drawer. Face products, Primers, Setting sprays, bronzer, contours, blushes, and highlighters.

The last drawer, well let's call this my 'don't judge me drawer".It's a bit of a mess but, holds my pressed and loose powders as well as tools and things for my kit.

Drawer storage unit I purchased at Ross and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, however, are available on amazon

Powder organizer $11 at Amazon

Lipstick Holders $14 at Amazon

Other containers i got from the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Target.


What's your favorite way to organize your makeup? I would love to know! I am always changing the way I organize things!

Until next time-

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