Tutorial Tuesday- Queen of Hearts


Every year I participate in a Haunted House for a charity in my area. This year's theme is Dead Time Stories. We have 5 amazing rooms each with a different story. This year, my room is Alice in Wonderland and I play the Queen of Hearts.

Today, I am going to show you how I got my look! 

 Primer. Apply all over the face and eyelids.

For this, I am using Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer ( Click here for my haul and Review)

Step 2:

Time to get rid of the eyebrows. You can use spirit gum though I prefer a plain old glue stick. It seems to cover more and keep it covered longer. Comes off easily with a makeup remover.

Take the glue stick and rub it back and forth in your brows to make sure you cover every strand. Use your finger to smooth out. Let dry for a few mins.

Next: take a spatula and grab some glue and add another thick coat.

Step 3:

Concealer. Take a thick cream base concealer and load up your eyebrows using a spatula. For this, I used Benefit Erase Paste. It covers great and blends easily.

Once you have that on thick, use a sponge and softly blend out. Add more concealer if needed to cover darker brows.

Then Poof no more brows!

Now we go in with the white face. You can use whatever you would like for this. I prefer grease face paint it blends easy and dries well.

Once you have your white base on, set it all with either a white face powder or a translucent powder.

Moving to the eyes.

To get the basic design, I am using Nyx Glide on Eye pencil in Azure

I then took Nyx Shadow in Turnt Up and packed it on within the lines i drew.

Next, take a darker blue and go over the lighter blue you just put on. This gives it depth and a little dimension. I am using Starflyer from the  Kat Von D Star Studded palette

Now we need to add some liner to the top and bottom of the eyes and make our new eyebrow.

I am using Eyeko liquid liner. Apply right above the blue shadow to create your new eyebrow.

Then line the eyes

I decided that I wanted lashes so I am using Eyelure in Dramatic 210

Add some mascara and eyes are done.


Now for the lips. I will be using 2 products here, Sephora lip liner in The Red and  Kat Von D everlasting liquid lip color in Underage Red

First I line my lips in the shape of a heart then fill it in with the lip liner. Then take the liquid lip color and go over the heart.This will make it last longer and give it a more vibrant color.

Then Voila! The makeup is complete! 

Only thing left to do is add the outfit and wig! Here's pics of the final product as well as some shots from the haunted house! 

I hope you all enjoyed this I had a blast with this look!