Monday Makeup Haul


I am SO EXCITED about this makeup haul!! "Why?" you ask? Well, I got some STEALS from Marshalls!

Marshalls and T.J.Maxx are some great stores to get good products that don't break the bank! Wanna see what I mean? Stay tuned and find out!

First, let's start with skin care.

Now, for those who have seen my Monthly Mania- Skincare Edition already have seen a product like this and know I am in love with it.

Dirty Works Multi Tasker 8 in 1 Miracle Cream : Amazon $15 ; T.J. Maxx $6

I currently use the Miracle Serum and I love it! They were out of the serum so I picked up this gem. I feel that I like this better than the serum.

It's so creamy, non-greasy, soaks in fast, and my skin feels so soft after using it.This cream hydrates and stimulates collagen production which helps with firmness and elasticity, fills in lines and helps diminish wrinkles.

Another great skin care find, also from Dirty Works (can you tell I love this brand!)

Pore-Fect Face Scrub Amazon $11.80 T.J. Maxx $ 5.

This scrub has a bit of a 'Milky' Consistency and my skin feels AMAZING when I use it! IT smooths and revives your skin as it scrubs and moisturizes. It has raspberry and cranberry extract which drive antioxidants into your skin. Ylang Oil provides moisture as you buff away dry, dead skin. Great for unclogging pores and cooling menthol purifies skin. If you haven't used a scrub or wash with menthol or peppermint, this may be a shock the first time you use it. After using this for a few days, my skin has never felt so clean!

Now, this next one was not purchased to T.J. Max however, I wanted to include it because im so excited!

Winter is upon us and the most important, sometimes overlooked thing is chapstick! I usually purchase the Candy Cane one every Christmas time, but I saw this Holiday Collection and decided to go with that. This includes Pumpkin Pie, Candy Cane, and Sugar Cookie. Normally, I don't like Pumpkin Pie flavored things. Ir seems no one can get the flavor right but, this chapstick is pretty good! Great idea for stocking stuffers!

Now on to what I am super stoked to share with you!! Well, two products.. First

Kat Von D Shade + Light Blush in Piaf+Poe Amazon $19.50 T.J. Maxx $7

Currently, this blush is not available at Sephora or Kat Von D Beauty so I was so happy when I saw this!

For those who don't know about the shade + light blush, this is a two- toned blush that sculpt out the perfect cheeks! The darker shade is great to add in with your contour or just above it, while the lighter shade is perfect for the cheeks as a highlight. Use separately or mix together. Subtle and natural looking and silky smooth. Blendable and buildable. Perfect for any look!

And last but not least!

Too Faced Melted Metal in Dream House and Tu-Tu Toofaced: $21 T.J. Maxx $6

The Melted Metals are great to add a little something extra to your makeup look. Shimmery metallic liquid lip. Easy to apply, long lasting and comes in beautiful colors! I was so excited when I saw these as I have been looking to add more to my collection! These colors will be great for Spring!

Have you purchased any cool products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I would love to know!! Tell me in the comments below!