Let's talk hair!


I have had such a busy day getting ready for the Holidays between wrapping gifts, shopping, and cleaning. Today I did take some time out for just me. Got a haircut (well a trim really), got my color refreshed (it was looking pretty rough) and my nails done.

I have had a lot of people come up to me and ask me what I use on my hair to keep the color so amazing and what color I use.

Now, I have been purple for some time now, about 5 years and out of all of the colors that I have had, this is my favorite!

Blacks, Browns, Pinks, Blondes, Blues, and whatever my natural hair color is ( seems to be a mix of brown, black, red, blonde) I keep going back to purple.

For many years I use to use Manic Panic as I'm sure we all did at one time or another. The color pay off and the color options were amazing! The only issue is the color never really lasted more than a few washes.

I found a miracle hair color from Pravana and have been using their color line for the past 5 years or more. Currently, I am using the Pravana Vivids in Violet. This is THE BEST I have ever used. I go 6-8 weeks before I need to recolor, sometimes a little more. When I have to recolor its 90% roots and a little bit of fading on my bangs.

Now, how do I keep my color so long? Well, there's a few ways I do this.

1. I don't wash my hair every day. I wash my hair every few days depending on what I do. If I don't use any product in my hair, I wash about 2 times a week.

2. When I wash my hair, I use cool - cold water. Heat opens your hair's cuticles and will pull out your color. For those who use styling tools every day with heat, that will also cause your color to not last as long.

3. What you use on your hair makes a difference. Color protecting products don't always make your color last longer. Hair color rule #1, stay away from oils! Argan oil, coconut oils and anything of the kind will pull your color out. I have 3 recommendations. Pravana Vivid Color Protect  shampoo and conditioner. Garnier Whole Blends I like the green apple. I recently tried this and it's really nice, doesn't pull my color out and smells great plus it's all natural! Lastly, Broo makes some great haircare products! To see what I thought, check out my review.

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