W.I.T Freeman Pomegranate Revealing Peel off Mask


Happy Wednesday! So, for a while now, I have been hearing how wonderful Pomegranate is for your skin. It helps hydrate dry skin, combats inflammation from acne, and stimulates collagen. When I was at the store, I found this Pomegranate peel off mask and thought, " Hey, I've had good luck with Freeman Masks, let's give it a shot".

With that being said... there's a first time for everything....

First off, like other peel off masks, this one has a gel-like consistency..a watery, gel-like consistency and it got all over my counter! It was like working with syrup!

So far, I wasn't impressed...

As I put it on my face, it started to burn my eyes! I have NEVER had a mask with so much alcohol in it! It smelled like straight grain alcohol! Not even a hint of fruit!

It took a few minutes before I could actually open my eyes after applying this, you can't really tell from the picture, but my eyes were watering so bad.

I let it sit for about 10 minutes to dry then began to peel it away

It took longer to peel it off than it did to put it on. Kept coming off in pieces. Once I got most of it off, I took a rag and washed off the rest.

My skin didn't feel more moisturized, it seemed to dry it out in areas like my chin and nose. My skin was more red then before I used it. I believe that it did clean out my pores, but it seemed to irritate my skin.

Final thoughts:


This product gets 2 stars from me. The smell was too strong for me to use again and it irritated my skin plus was a mess to work with. The price is right at about $2 for 2-3 uses. It did well at cleaning out my pores but, left my skin feeling dry.

Have you tried this product? Did you have the same or different results? Let me know in the comments!