Ipsy December Glam Bag!


With the Holidays practically here I was super stoked to get this month's Ipsy bag! I got some super exciting things to try out!

Pink is not one of my favorite colors, but this bag is super cute and IT'S FUZZY!!!

Okay, moving on to the good stuff!

I love that I got lip balm! I am a lip junkie! I have a HUGE collection of lip balms that I use regularly - if you have seen my Studio TourStudio Tour, you have seen the Jar-o-Balm

I have received one Jersey Shore Lip balm in the past in my August Glam Bag and I love it! This one I couldn't wait to crack open. It's all natural and is really effective. I love that it's peppermint flavored yet it doesn't feel like a medicated balm. Feels great on the lips and really moisturizes.

NYX- Prismatic Shadow in Fireball $6

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for NYX so I was pretty happy when I saw this. This is a beautiful Copper/pink/orange metallic shadows. This is such beautiful color and the formula is amazing. Super silky soft and blends great! Adding a white base really lets this prismatic shadow shine. Use without a base for a more natural look. Great for lower lash line and smoked out looks!

This brush has one super amaze factor for me... it's rubberized handle! The bristles are super soft and makes blending effortless. Great for crease or even lower lash line for a smoky look.

Hikari Cosmetics are finding their way into my heart. This Iris color is a subtle purple. Precision tip allows you to get that perfect wing or hold it to the side for a thicker line. This eyeliner is not smudge proof which is a bit of a downside for me, but it's still a great color.

This product makes my entire bag! I was so impressed with this! You take your favorite lip stick and apply this over it for a matte look! I love the matte lip look and this makes it possible for me to get the same look with my shiny lipsticks!

Here's a before and after when using the insta-matte transformer. The lipstick I used was Urban Decay's F- Bomb! Left is before, right is after.You basically put the transformer on with your finger like a balm. I was surprised that It didn't turn into a big smudged mess, but It didn't get all over my finger nor did it smudge!

I will definitely be taking this with me everywhere!

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Until Next time

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