W.I.T Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation


I am so excited to share my thoughts on this product!

So about a week ago, I saw somewhere on my feed that NYX was coming out with a new customizable coverage drop foundation. I was so excited! Well, I decided to go into my local Ulta and I saw it! I decided that I just HAD to try it!

I purchased the foundation and the brush that goes with it, though you can use any brush you like.

This foundation lets you customize what coverage you would like, whether it be light/sheer or full based on the number of drops you use.

There are many ways to apply this foundation. You can drop it onto the brush itself, or on to your skin directly, or on the back of your hand then to your face.

For this time, I decided to try to drop it onto the brush first, then stipple it on my skin.

I found that when you use this method, you get more of a lighter coverage overall. Great for days when you need to have just a little coverage.

I am very impressed with this stuff! I can't explain my excitement! It covers very well and blends super easy! Unlike most foundations I have tried, when you layer this one up, it doesn't get thick and cakey. My skin feels like it can breathe and looks amazing!

It has a matte finish which I love, and my skin feels so soft and smooth! I tend to have large pores on my forehead and alot of foundations seem to make it worse, this one didn't. I honestly don't even notice my pores! I am loving this foundation! I think I may even get a darker shade and try it out as a contour..What do you guys think?

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