Ipsy January Glam Bag

With the new year, I love when I get to try new products. This month, Ipsy gave me some products I haven’t used with brands I haven’t heard of!  That has to be one of my favorite things about Ipsy and other subscriptions, I get to try all kinds of new things! Haven’t joined Ipsy yet? What are you waiting for!? Click here to get yours!

Let’s dive right in!

The Bag:

So, honestly, I can say that I am not a fan of this bag. I mean, the look itself is cute, but I really can’t say that I am loving the material.. and the smell.. I don’t know why but, it seems to smell like spray paint. Not sure what’s up with that Ipsy!

This is a highly pigmented universal blush that will add a glow to your cheeks. Can also be used as an eyeshadow. Beautiful Coral-Pink color. This blush does have shimmer but, can be matted down with a powder.

I am IN LOVE with this eyeshadow! I haven’t heard of this company before but, I am very excited to try this! The color quite literally reminds me of champagne and it’s so shiny!! It’s like having the solar system on your eyes! I am loving this! It blends so smooth for a pick me up to any eye look!

SLMissGlam Blending Brush L34- About $14

This is the cutest brush I have seen! I love the little gemstones! It’s very soft, synthetic fibers, and perfectly shaped for getting into your crease or applying shadow all over your lid.

I couldn’t find this particular brush on their website, however, their single brushes seem to run about $14 and their ‘brush books’ with 25 brushes are about $325 which equals to $13 per brush.

ClariSEA Instant Glow Lavender Powder Exfoliant $14

This is a face scrub that you add to your face cleanser to give you the perfect amount of exfoliant on demand. I’m pretty excited to try this. 100% natural with No Parabens, No Sulfates, and Cruelty-free! This uses two kinds of salt; Pink Himalayan and Pacific. Lavender flower calms skin so you don’t get irritated, red skin after.

This is the one product that I can say that I am a little unsure about. First of all, Temptu is an airbrush system, something of which I do not own. Though it is said that you CAN use their products without the system. In the past, I did receive a Temptu Highlighter in White Shimmer and have used it in the past, it’s not my favorite. I found that it didn’t last as it is very liquidy and just seemed to slip right off.

Upon swatching this primer, I did notice it does have bit of a greasy feel. As I rubbed it in, still felt greasy. I let it sit for a while and the ‘greasiness’ did wear off, but I felt no difference. I will have to try it on my face, under my makeup, to see how it works.

Final Thoughts:

I give this months bag a 3 of 5.. Still not happy about the bag itself, this may be one that I do not keep. I did get some products that I am super excited to try!

Do you have Ipsy? I would love to know what your favorite product you received was! Let me know in the comments below!