What's new with Nightshade Beauty



I hope everyone is having a good week! Personally, I'm trying not to get sick! Everyone around me has the flu @.@!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you probably saw the announcement that I made last night. For those who haven't, there's a new entity to Nightshade Beauty!

For a while now, there have been two things I am passionate about, that I kept separate from one another; Makeup and my 'crafter' side. Some of you may have followed me on  Craft by Krystle, this is where I had my handmade jewelry, bath and body products, candles, wax melts, and for Christmas I even made ornaments.

I am merging my two halves together! Nightshade Beauty will now have a shop where you can see all of my 'beauties' that I have created! As of current, my shop is full of handmade jewelry with a few things left from my Christmas stock. I will be adding some Candles, Wax Melts, and bath and body products soon. I also even do some custom pieces! I will be posting new items on my Facebook page, make sure you go and like it!

Speaking of new products, I collaborated with Street Scenes Photography and created an entire line of jewelry! The collection was announced last night as well! If you haven't seen it, here's a peek at a few items:

 Makeup and Jewelry: Nightshade Beauty

Photographer: Street Scenes Photography

Model: Tiana Canale