Foundation De-stash: Products I Didn't Like


I”ve decided that it is time to go through my collection and get rid of some things that I just don’t use or didn’t like. Today, I have a list of things that just didn’t cut it for me.

Now, before anyone reads this and thinks I am dissing their favorites, I just want to say that I have picky skin and these just didn’t work for my skin.

Let’s get started!

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Foundation $15

What it is: This is a 12 hour wear foundation that reduces the look of skin imperfections. It’s a light-weight, breathable formula. Gives you a natural looking finish and has SPF 20. Will improve skin tone in as little as 4 weeks.

Why I didn’t like it: First, the smell.. to me, it literally smells like medicated paint. (you just laughed, didn’t you.) I am not crazy about the coverage. Usually, I use a medium to full coverage foundation, but sometimes I do want something a little less. To me, this was far less. I feel as if it didn’t cover bits of redness in my skin, or slight imperfections such as acne scars. I don’t feel like it is a long lasting formula. I noticed after a few hours, it separated on my skin.

What I liked: It is lightweight, breathable formula. The added SPF is a nice feature and is great on those days I don’t add extra sunscreen. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation– $9.00

What it is: This foundation blends flawlessly giving you an airbrush finish. It’s oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic so it’s great for sensitive skin. Won’t clog pores and is allergy tested. Liquid-mousse texture and air whipped for skin perfecting coverage. Will provide smooth, poreless coverage.

What I didn’t like: This is another one that my skin just didn’t mix with. I felt as if it gave no coverage and it sunk right into my pores making them look HORRIBLE in the sun. This would be a great buy for someone who doesn’t have issues with pores or many skin imperfections.

What I did Like: It’s very smooth and feels great going on the skin. I didn’t have any issues with my sensitive skin. It also is a great price at only $8 a bottle.

GK Hair Shaping Wax – $18

What is it:  This shaping wax allows for a pliable hold yet leaving hair soft. Great for adding texture. Made with bee’s wax and candelilla wax.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t feel like it had any hold what-so-ever. It made my hair feel super greasy.

What I did like: I hate to say the only thing I liked about it is the smell. It smells powder fresh without being overwhelming.

Shea Moisture Creme Balm

Okay, so apparently they don’t make this anymore. I can’t locate it anywhere!

Why I didn’t like it: SUPER OILY!! It felt like I was slathering a tinted oil on my skin! It provided NO coverage nor did it work like a BB Cream. This was one of THE WORST purchases I have made.

What I liked: The only thing I liked was the packaging. To get to the product, you twist it then open the compact. You lift the compartment that holds the product and you can put your sponge under it.

Palladio Herbal Liquid Concealer in Banana $7

What is it: a luxurious, lightweight, creamy concealer that evens skin tone, covers imperfections, conceals under-eye circles.

What I didn’t like:  It didn’t cover anything! I did use this for an under eye concealer in hopes that it would brighten my under eye area much like a banana powder. I was mistaken. It didn’t brighten, cover, or even my skin tone. The only thing it did do is give a yellow tint to my under eyes! It also has a paint like smell

What I did like: …..nada….

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil $24

What is it: “The original phenomenon! Developed with plastic surgeons, this #1 best-selling, award-winning pencil is infused with brow-enhancing biotin, lecithin, saw palmetto, nettle, green tea, antioxidants, grape seed, and vitamins A, B5, C and E, plus proprietary Brow Power™ Technology to give you your most beautiful, natural-looking brows—even if you have none at all! Brow Power™ features an exclusive oval tip that works on both thin and thick brows to mimic the look of real hair, plus a built-in grooming spooley brush for polished perfection. The revolutionary, budge-proof formula adheres to skin for long-lasting results, while the universal transforming shade adjusts to all hair colors based on pressure and completely covers gray. Apply softer strokes for lighter hair colors, and press harder for darker tones. It truly is your brows but better!”- IT Cosmetics

What I didn’t like:  I am not sure if I got one that was dried out or what. It was difficult to apply, like using a marker that has run out. It wasn’t very pigmented no matter how hard I pushed. Every time I tried to use it, I had to heat it up with a lighter to make it glide on. The tip design is nice, until to start wearing it down then it no longer has a point making it a bit more difficult to get the fine tail that I look for.

What I did like:  Super long lasting and didn’t budge, smear, or transfer. Package design is also very nice, I like having the spool on the other end of the product. I like the packaging, small enough to fit into your purse and it has the product and the spool in the same packaging!

Are there any products that you currently are not loving? Let me know in the comments! 

Until Next time!