W.I.T Wet N' Wild Cushion Color Corrector

Happy Wednesday!! For today’s What I Thought Wednesday, I wanted to try out the Wet n’ Wild Cushion Color Corrector.

There are currently 4 different color correctors.

Green: neutralizes redness

Yellow: Neutralizes dullness

Peach: Great for dark circles

Purple: Neutralizes Sallowness

They are $5.99 each and available just about everywhere!

First of all, can I just say, the packaging is SUPER cute!!! I am loving it!

When you twist off the cap, you see the little puff that comes with it then when you remove the plastic separator inside is the spongey magic!

I love the idea of having a ‘sponge’ inside so you don’t get too much product at one time. It’s a great idea and it makes applying it a little more fun!

This product, unlike most correctors that I have tried in the past, is super lightweight! It feels great on the skin doesn’t feel oily, sticky, slick, or heavy.

Let’s put on some of this magic potion and see how it does.

So here I am with nothing on. As you can see, I do have some acne issues including scarring.  I am pretty pale and live in Florida ( how that happens I have not a clue) but I am usually pretty red, we will blame my Irish roots.

I love how everything is contained and so easy to take on the go. You don’t need to work forever to to blend it in plus, it also acts as a primer, though I still use another primer first.

As you can see, I didn’t place any on my forehead just so you can see a bit of a difference. It does very well at cutting down the redness. This will be a great way to cut down on concealer. Most of my concealer goes to dark circles and redness. Now I didn’t heavily blend this in, I just tapped it around to get the coverage.

Now, we add some foundation

I can say that I love this corrector and I do want to get the entire collection!

Final Thoughts:

Now for those who follow me on Facebook or Street Scenes Photography probably saw that last weekend we were at an event all day. Literally, ALL DAY 8am-11pm and I did wear this corrector pretty much all over, let’s face it we always have bad skin days when we have to do something important. It lasted ALL DAY! Not once did I have any redness peek through, my make-up looked amazing and flawless all day through the 90 degree, Florida humidity. I have to say, wet n wild is really upping their game! I am loving their new products! I think the next one I will get is the peach for dark circles, at $6 each you can get the entire collection! I know I will!