Haul: BH Cosmetics/Revolution

Over the past few days, I picked up a few items and wanted to share what I got with you and maybe do a mini review.

The Goods:


Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette $18

Revolution: Ultra Cream Contour Palette $15

Revolution Pro Base Blur Primer $15

BH Cosmetics Smokey Eyes Palette $12.50

BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes Palette $12.50

Let’s dive in and give these products a go!

Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette


This palette has some great shades. I can conceal, contour and highlight with this palette. I love that there is a banana cream as well. Geat for brightening your undereye area. It also has a pearl highlight cream that’s beautiful!

These are super creamy without being oily and so easy to blend. You can build for more coverage without it feeling like you are caking on makeup


Revolution Pro Base Blur Primer

This primer… im still not 100% sure about. It is supposed to be illuminating but I don’t feel that it does that. When putting it on it does feel a little on the thick side, but once it soaks in, it made my skin feel super soft and it ‘thinned’ out.

It did add a bit of a sheen but i wouldn’t call it illuminating.

WARNING: If you use this primer, let it soak into your skin FULLY before applying any makeup. If you do not, then your makeup can separate and look blotchy. ( making mistakes so you don’t have to)

Revolution Fortune Favors the Brave Palette

Going to be honest here… I’m not loving this palette..

The colors look great….. in the pan.. I was disappointed when I started swatching and the colors weren’t coming out! I switched to a brush and got some decent color payoff.

The problem lies…

….in the fallout.. There was so much fall out all over my palette, my arm AND my table! I had to wipe it clean before I can store it. These may turn into cream based shadows for me..

Q&A: Do you have this palette? Have you had the same issue? Let me know in the comments below! 

BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes Palette

BH Cosmetics has been hit or miss with me recently. I have had a few of their palettes and have only liked about half of them. This one is actually really nice.

The bright colors look beautiful, even without a primer. The darker ones, though some of them weren’t as ‘soft’ as the others and the color payoff wasn’t what I would expect. Overall a nice palette that I will get use out of  .

BH Cosmetics Smokey Eyes Palette

So apparently my 50:50 relationship with BH cosmetics is still thriving. I was not as happy with this palette.

I am not thrilled about the color pay off. The purple at the top of this swatch was so light that i went back over it with a brush. It came out a bit better but still not what I was expecting. The texture of a lot of the shadows are rough. They aren’t smooth or creamy to the touch almost like they are dried out.

I may see about making these into loose shadows and really breaking them up to see if they apply smoother with more pigmentation.

Well, that’s all for now! I would love to know your thoughts and comments! Drop me a line in the comment section!

Until next time;