Social Media Made Me Buy It: Silicone Sponge


Social Media did it to me again!! This one I can't blame Instagram for, no, this was Facebook...

I caved and bought the Silicone Sponge.. Ya know, you can only take so much peer pressure..

So what's special about this versus other sponges?

This is supposed to allow you to use less foundation and still get a flawless look. This product will not soak up foundation like other sponges and is super easy to clean.

Let's test it!

For this test, I am going to be using the Buxom Show Some Skin Foundation. Applying a bit to my hand and using the Silicone Sponge to blend it into the skin

First thing is, it's super awkward to hold and use. It took a bit for me to feel like I could get a comfortable grip on it. I'm so used to holding a beauty blender that I tried to do the same thing.

It took a bit longer to get my foundation to blend in than normal but, it did blend very nicely.

Okay, let's try concealer!

This concealer is a bit thicker than my foundation and didn't take as long to blend. I like the tapered shape of the Silicone Sponge it made it easier to get under the eyes to blend out the concealer

Now, let's test if it's easier to clean.

For this, I am just going to use a towel because mid-application, I don't want to have to get up to go wash my sponge

Well, It is very easy to clean! Wiped away the foundation and concealer and can be easily washed with soap and water.

Now, we have to set our face. Let's see how well it applies powder.

If you just want to set your makeup and don't use alot of powder at one time, then this would be super quick for you. For baking or those who use a bit more powder may need to make a few passes. It doesn't hold as much powder as some sponges but it did apply the powder evenly.

Final Thoughts:

I would say that it holds up to all it's claims! It is very awkward to use and will take some time to get used to. Not sure if this is something that I will reach for all of the time mainly because it does take longer to blend out foundations, but it is a good product. Easy to clean and once it blends, it looks flawless!

Tip: When using this sponge, don't stipple or 'bounce' immediately like you would with a beauty blender. Instead, spread the foundation starting from the center of your face going outward then 'bounce' to blend in.

I give this a 4 out of 5 simply due to time about of time it takes to blend.

4 star rating