Review: Spa Life Trip to Tokyo Face Mask

Discount stores are a great way to find new things that you may not have seen before, especially when it comes to skincare!

Today, I wanted to try a mask I got a few months back from Burlington. This is

Spa Life Tokyo Sheet Mask

This mask has Seaweed and Omega 3. Great for anti-inflammatory and removing toxins in the skin. It soothes and refreshes while helping to energize skin cells.

This pack sells for $36 I got it at a steal for $4! ( I LOVE DISCOUNT STORES!!)

Let's see how it does!

First, we wash and dry our face.

Then squeeze the pack a little to make sure the skin goodness is all mixed onto the sheet.

Open and unfold and place on face.

Smooth onto skin and adjust as needed.

Wait 20 minutes and remove.

Rub remaining serum onto your skin.

Then Voila!

Final Thoughts:

I had a hard time with this mask. It seemed as if it was way too big and I couldn't get it to really stay on my face. It kept lifting on my chin and neck area. It smells like Lavender baby oil. Not kidding, literally smells like baby oil. The oil or serum seems a bit sticky almost. It took 15-20 minutes for the 'sticky' feeling to go away.

I did notice that it helped with inflamed acne spots on my face as well as undereye puffiness. My skin overall does look more refreshed, revived and even is a bit softer,

Not bad at all for a little more than $0.50 a mask! Though, I still smell like baby oil!

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Until Next time!