W.I.T Urban Decay Liquid Moondust

Urban Decay has been one of my favorite brands for many years. Seeing them come out with new stuff makes me more excited that anything, so when I saw the Liquid Moondust I knew I had to try it out!

I have been fascinated my liquid eyeshadow recently thanks to Maybelline's Color Tattoo and I wanted to see what magic Urban Decay had to offer.

After swatching a few at Ulta and trying to decide what to get I decided to get Chem Trail.

I just love the color it's an 'oyster with an iridescent sparkle'! Perfect for a lid color. I love using light shimmer shades for my lid then adding the drama in the crease.

This is the first time I have ever been able to say this about Urban Decay but..... This one had me disappointed...

The main issue is that it seems the light color is streaky. When I applied it, it didn't seem to really have a coverage. It streaked and bad. I even tried to apply it with a brush. That just caused a whole new issue of removing the product!

I went to Ulta and tested out one of the darker colors and didn't notice this issue. Sometimes it is the shade itself. This is a lighter shade so I expected to not have super full coverage as the darker shade, but I wasn't expecting it to be streaky. Currently, I do not have the issue with a similar color from Maybelline.

I may go back and get some of the darker colors that Urban Decay offers in this product, but I will be staying clear of the lighter shades.

I did notice, after wearing this all day, that it did crease and bad! Unlike the color tattoo from Maybelline, this product doesn't seem to dry even when using a primer. Not sure if it would work better with a stickier 'glitter' primer, but I was not happy with this product at all.

Q&A:  Have you all had the same experience with this product? Let me know your thoughts below!