TJ Maxx Mini-haul!

I have another great haul for you! Well, more like a mini haul, but great stuff nonetheless. Let's get into the goodies!!

W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara $3.99

I wanted to use this for a comparison blog with Benefit's They're Real Mascara! I haven't tried it yet, but keep an eye out for the blog!

Absolute Extra Volume Mascara- $2.99

I am amazed at this mascara!! My lashes looked amazing!! They were full and dark, looked like I was wearing false lashes. I love that it's in a tube, you can squeeze it when it get's low. Loving this stuff!

Absolute Lenght & Curl Mascara- $2.99

I love to pair this with the extra volume mascara. This gives great lift and length and when added to the extra volume mascara you get the perfect look!

Dermstore Lip Quench- $3.99

I love this lip balm! It feels so great on the lip, not too oily or waxy. Makes my lips so soft and smooth. It has a natural light pink hue and makes your lips look and feel amazing!

Clean Sweep Brush Pad- $2.99

So I have been seeing this making its way around social media and I am happy to say, this is the best thing I could have bought! This makes it so much easier to change colors without having to completely wash your brush. You can wash the pad inside and keep reusing it. You can also make your own with a tin and a scouring pad. This is a must have for my kit!

BC Brush Cleaning Pad $3.99

Another great buy! This has 6 different textured sections making it easy to clean your brushes completely. I love that it has suction pads so it sticks to my sink and doesn't move. This is a perfect size and so easy to use and clean.