W.I.T Jean Pierre Pearl Mask Sheet

I want to apologize for my absence the past few weeks! I have missed everyone!! Now that the craziness has calmed down a bit, I am happy to be back at it!

I am loving everything that I have tried having to do with Korean Beauty, so naturally, I had to try this mask.

I got it from Burlington 6 masks for $6 Regular price- $13. Couldn't beat that deal.

Let's get started!

This mask has some great benefits!

- increases elasticity

-  Anti-aging

- Moisturizes

- Stimulates and regenerates cellular repair

This mask is super easy to use and smells great!

1. Cleanse and dry your face

2. Apply mask sheet to face

3. Relax for 15-20 minutes

4. Remove mask and pat face with fingertips to allow for further absorption

Sometimes I have issues with these masks fitting my face, This one seemed to fit very well and I didn't have a lot of issues keeping it on my skin. When it started to dry, I did have it keep coming off of my chin, but other than that, it fit well!



This mask is awesome! My skin felt great! Very soft and smooth. The appearance of my skin looked so much better after just one use! Didn't take long to fully absorb into my skin either. This is a great mask. Get your's here