Milani Product Review

I was at the drug store the other day looking for something new to try and I decided to give Milani another chance,

A very long time ago, I tried a few products from Milani and I just wasn't impressed. I had some eyeshadows that we just dry and crumbled. The eyeliner pencil that I had was so dry and I had to hear it up with a lighter in order to use it. I had tried a few other products and just couldn't get past the bad experience.

This time, I decided to try their Conceal and Perfect Foundation and the Make it Last Primer/setting spray.

Summer is practically here and in Florida, a long lasting foundation is a must. Trying to find one that doesn't get oily or patchy after a few hours in the heat and humidity is harder to find than you think. So I wanted to see how this would do.

First, let's look at the primer.

This is a $10 primer that is supposed to make your makeup last for 16 hours without creasing or smudging. You can use this as a primer, a setting spray, or by itself.

I love how this smells, kinda fruity, because of the watermelon fruit extract. I love that this product doesn't have alcohol and doesn't feel like it dries out your skin.

I decided to apply this as a primer and use it as a setting spray.

This felt great on the skin. Very lightweight and cooling. As with most spray bottles, one part will always get your face more soaked than the rest but overall didn't do too bad.

Now that we are primed, let's take a look at the foundation.

 This $10 foundation is supposed to be a 2-in-1 foundation+ concealer. It is supposed to cover under eye circles, redness, and other skin imperfections. This is a full coverage foundation that's water resistant,

First, I took about a pump on the back of my hand.

Then I dabbed it onto my face. I used a minimal amount to test its coverage,

I have to say that the texture is a bit thicker than I expected. The consistency reminds me a lot of Kat von D Lock-It Foundation.

I used my Silicone sponge to blend it in and the results were quite surprising.

The coverage is great! It felt so light on the skin. I didn't have to use any color correcting for my redness or concealer for my dark circles. I had a few acne spots on the chin I just took a little dab of foundation and 'spot corrected' and the look was flawless!

The last thing is to lock it in with the setting spray.

Final Thoughts: I have to say that I am VERY impressed with these products. I cannot say if it holds up to the heat and humidity yet, but I will be able to tell tonight. I am happy to see that I had a great experience with Milani and it seems, from what I tried in the past, that they seemed to have upped their game. Keep it up, Milani!!