Try It Tuesday: Wet N Wild Lash O Matic

Welcome to the first Try It Tuesday!! This is a segment where I put beauty and makeup products to the test in a 'does it really work' type fashion.

On the docket for today

Wet N Wild Lash-O-Matic mascara + Fiber extension kit. $7.99

In the past, I have tried kits like this and was never fully satisfied. My lastest experience was with Younique Moonstruck3D lashes. Now while this product 'worked' I kept getting the fibers falling onto my face thoughout the day! Trust me, it's not a good look!

I decided to give this drug store one a try.

What does it do: The product descriptions says "Lash-o-Matic Fiber Extension Kit gives you unbelievable length and unreal volume. Proven results with up to 39X more volume! The quick-drying priming and sealing mascara is oh-so-black and the lightweight nylon fibers stay put. This instant lash extension kit gives you the look of false lashes in three easy steps. "

So according to this description, I will get longer, fuller lashes with one application AND they will stay in place and not fall on my face. I also like that it claims they are lightweight. This is an issue that some products like this have, they tend to feel heavier than false lashes. 

Let's try it out.

Step 1: we apply the mascara

I do like this wand. it's not too big or bulky and it seems to hold and nice amount of product. 

Step 2: we apply the fibers:

Now, this is different. All of the other similar products I have used have black fibers, This one has white.

Step 3: Apply the mascara again

Make sure you really cover all of those fibers!

With 1 Application:

While this is a nice look, I feel this is just as good as my mascaras. Let's up the ante and see how it looks with 2 applications.

Second application

Now, this is looking a little better. While I'm not noticing the length that falsies give me, I do like how my lashes look.

Let's try 3 applications. after all, third time's the charm, right?

Third application

BOOM! There we go!

It took me 3 applications and on the third application, I focused the fibers on the ends of my lashes to give more length.

Keep in mind, the more you apply the clumpier it can get. I don't mind the clumpy look Loreal Manga Rock is one of my favorite mascaras. If you don't like it to look clumpy I would stick with 1 or 2 applications.

Final Thoughts:

I really do like this. It is a little more time consuming than sticking on a pair of false lashes, but on the days I don't want to wear them, this will be my go to.

Are they lightweight:  Yes. they are comfortable to wear and felt just like I was wearing mascara

Do they last:  Yes, they lasted me all day and didn't budge, smear, or smudge

Are they easy to remove: Yes, using a makeup remover and they didn't pull or tug came off just like mascara.

I give this product a 4 out of 5. Great product. good price, and it works! All depends on personal preference.