Social Media Made Me: 3 Second Brow

Thanks for joining me in another "Social Media Made Me"!

Well, It happened again! Social media made me want to try the 3-second brow.

Now, I don't have high hopes for this, but in theory, the idea is pretty great! let's see how it does in practice.

So in this box you get:

2 pairs of brow stamps

1 brow powder

1 dual ended spool and brow brush

instructions and tips and tricks.

The Stamps: you get two different styles; angled and rounded.

The Powder: The powder comes in a nice container whos top acts as a holder for 1 pair of brow stamps. Great for on the go. It also has a mirror that's slightly magnified which is nice when you are working on brows.

The Procedure: Now, it says you are supposed to use the stamp that is most close to your brow shape (angled) and to lightly press into the powder and then line the stamp to your brow and pres in a rolling motion (in to out). Let's see how it works.

The Application 


Okay, so far I have found that you can't 'lightly press into the powder' Actually when I did press lightly or otherwise, no product got onto the stamp. I had to swipe the stamp over the powder for the product to coat.


Okay, this was just horrible! First, it was way to wide for my brows. I like a slight overdrawn brow, but no one wants to look like they got into a fight with it and lost. I attempted to clean it up with some makeup remover. Second, it took more than 1 press to get it to even stamp fully.

I still had some bare patches and tried to smooth it out with a spooly.

Now I don't know about you, but It seems as if not only was it too wide, but also too long. The tail of my brow is too wide and long and it's not as narrow as one would expect when seeing the picture.

With that being said, the shape is all wrong, the color is great but the product is patchy. The stamp just didn't seem to work.  Plus you do get quite some fall out. not only on the container but I had it on my eye lid and even on my cheeks.

Final Thought: Okay so I feel this product is a bit gimmicky and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It takes WAY longer than 3 seconds and it's just not a good product. I feel with some tweaking this product *could* be great but it definitely needs some work.