Friday Fun!! 20 Facts About Me

I decided to do something a little different for today. Let's have a little fun! Here are  20 facts about me. I encourage you to do one too, tag your friends, bloggers, family, anyone, and everyone! Let's find out about each other!

1. I was born with dark hair and bright blue eyes. As I grew up my eyes turned green and my hair is (naturally) still darker than everyone else in my family( they are all blonde)

2. I am a big nerd! I collect comic books, have all sorts of books, play video games and MMORPGs, and even cosplay from time to time.

3. I didn't always love makeup. When I was a young kid I would play with my grandma's Mary Kay stash (she still sells). Middle school and beginning of high school I didn't wear makeup or even like it. After high school, I got back into it and found a new love.

4. In 2009 I won a modeling competition and a modeling contract despite the fact that I .. ( uh-oh secrets will be revealed at the end ;) )

5. I got my first tattoo my senior year of high school as a remembrance to my Nana.

6. I have had all sorts of hair colors: red, pink, blue, green, blonde(when my color faded out), black and happily purple since 2011.

7. I started writing poetry in 2001 and have been published on a few occasions.

8. In 2008 I almost got kicked out of Halloween Horror Nights because someone looked at me who didn't see me and screamed, dropped his beer and the security guard said that I need to 'stop scaring people"

9. Though I am an only child, I do have a 'sissy', Bernadette, who has been there at my worst and my best. She is my longest friend and got me through some horrible times!

10. I cried for a month when my bestie left for Kentucky.

11. I have a non-blood niece and nephew

12. I have an amazing man in my life who believes in me and my dreams often more than his own. We have been together 8 years.

13. I craft..alot. I sew, paint, make jewelry, candles, bath and body products and many more thing. I have a shop online and frequently attend farmers markets and other vendor events.

14. I was born with a brittle bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta and was born with 50+ bone fractures and my first surgery at 18 months old. visit to learn more

15. I am only 3'7" tall and in a wheelchair.

16. I have had hundreds upon hundreds of broken bones in my life and a lot of surgeries

17. I got my first car in 2009 that was fully wheelchair accessible and pedal extensions so I could drive it. Got my next one in 2011 after I was in a severe car accident.

18. I was told, as a kid, that I wouldn't be able to accomplish anything or have a 'normal' life. I have proved everyone wrong. I held multiple jobs, I am a published makeup artist, I am a published poet, but most importantly, I am now doing what I love. The reason for this, my family and friends, they never treated me any different. I went to clubs and parties, I went to theme parks, was a bridesmaid at my Sissy's wedding, babysat as a teenager, went out on dates, and anything else I wanted.

19. I am honest, sometimes to a fault. I stand up for myself and for others and I always speak my mind, even if others don't agree.

20. I believe that you can do anything if you really want to. No dream is too big. Dream of what you want, make a plan to make it happen, get started. There may be setbacks, and 'failures' but without trying you can't fail, if you can't fail, you can't succeed, if you can't succeed dreams can't come true.

I hope this was enjoyable for you! I now challenge you to do the '20 Facts" Challenge. I am challenging Jess of November Glow to do this 20 facts challenge!