Earth to Skin Haul & Review

Natural skincare is great, but with my being allergic to some ingredients like Witch Hazel, Coconut Oil, and other various ingredients, I haven’t be able to use as many natural skincare items that I have been wanting to. When I was at Walmart I came across a new brand Earth to Skin. With my sudden intrigue, and running out of my current Skyn Iceland products, I decided to check them out.

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Biggest Purchase Regrets

Do you know that feeling when you see something new, wait til you can get it, buy it, use it once or a few times, then…here it comes.. that overwhelming feeling of regret? Well, that’s what today will be about. I have dug through my ‘bad bin’ and pick out a few items that I regretted the most and now, I want to share those regrets with you!

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Eva Hair NY Magic Mane

I have something a little different for you today! We are going to be looking at hair care!

Last week I got a package in the mail from influencer and it has this Eva NYC Magic Mane Shampoo and Conditioner in it. Normally, I am not one who get hair products and goes “ OMG I HAVE TO TRY THAT NOW’ but for some reason, this one did that. Well It just so happened that I spent the day at the beach and my hair was WRECKED! I mean it looked like a salt water and sand nightmare! I said to my self, “ Self! Now is the time to try some magic mane!” So I did!

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Apocalyptic Beauty: Scarab Queen LOTM

We are back with another Look of the Month from Apocalyptic Beauty Cosmetics! This month’s theme is Scarab Queen.

Don’t know what Apocalyptic Beauty’s LotM is all about? Well, it is a subscription that gives you 4-5 FULL SIZE items each month that you can use to create a cohesive look or just to expand your collection. Each month has a theme and can include things like a blush, eye shadow, lip products and more for just $14 a month! No two months are the same!

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