T.B.T Old Pictures and story telling!


I was looking through my pictures on my computer and found some older pictures of me and thought it would be fun to share! This is the oldest picture I have. I was about 3 with my Nana.

Then we jump forward a few years..

This was taken close to the mid-90s and possibly one of my least liked haircuts ever.

Then we flash forward to Highschool

This is when it gets interesting.

This was possibly 9th grade. My hair was still natural and super long..

I wanted red in my hair like Joey Jordison (drummer from Slipknot) so my mom let me dye my hair.

Sadly, red was the hardest color to upkeep.

Then somewhere around 10th grade this happened

I had all kinds of posters mostly Wrestling and music posters. Bands like Cradle of Filth, Slipknot, Arch Enemy, P.O.D and other rockers. Jeff Hardy was my favorite wrestler (even now) and I had a TON of his posters. I miss the days when you would just cut or tear out pics from magazines. (*sigh* memories)

 Shout out to old school Hardy Boyz Fans!

I never really wore much makeup in Highschool, Just some foundation, eyeliner, and lipstick.

I had HORRIBlE skin. My acne was so bad and I tried everything to cover it up.

Nothing helped. Prescriptions, OTC, Proactive, anything and everything I used didn't work or made it worse.  Even into my 20s, my acne was still bad. I since changed my skin care routine and have seen AMAZING results. Follow my skin care journey to see more

Then there was that time my 'sister' did my makeup and made me wear all pink...

I hated her for a hot minute for that.. Even to this day, I....REFUSE...PINK!

Then we have the dreaded senior pictures...

2007 I gave up on the red and didn't want my natural hair color so black it went

Did my first photo shoot with my sister

This was so much fun!

I started playing with hair color. Went from all black to adding purple and pink and even for a while just blonde bangs.

in 2009 I entered my first modeling competition. Funny story, I did this as a comfort thing for a friend who wanted to do it but didn't want to alone. I actually ended up winning though I didn't see me getting past the first round.

I mean I am only 3ft 7 and in a wheel chair.....what could I offer the modeling industry.

The head shot portion was a breeze

The talent portion I was scared to death about. I have a fear of public speaking and I had to get on a stage in front of people with no real talents. So, I let sarcasm take over and did a comedy skit. Though I don't really remember it.

Since then I fell in love with makeup and modeling. It's almost like getting to try out a new personality every time

Thank you for joining me on this trip down memory lane! Want to know more about me? Check out my 20 Facts blog! I would love to see your Thow back pics! Leave them in the comments!  And to keep the TBT theme alive i'll sign off with,


Just Kidding!