DIY: Up-cycle Eye shadow with Liquid Highlighter?!


Hello, Loves! Happy Monday!

Today, I have a great DIY that you can do at home with things you may already have in your makeup stash!

DIY Pretext:

Okay so last week, I was decluttering my eyeshadows to make room and update my go to palette for fall. I looked a bit crazy with all kinds of swatches on my arm and hand.. something like...

only on a greater scale.

Anywho, I had like 8 shadows that just didn't want to give up their pigment anymore. I decided that I would keep them and try to re work them to make them useful once again. I mean yea, sure, I could just crush them and turn them into a loose shadow but why be basic?

DON'T BE BASIC! haha j/k

Here's what I decided to do.

What you'll need

Eyeshadow (with pan or new pan)

Empty Container

Mixing device (i used a disposable mascara wand)

Something small to press and flatten (i used disposable plastic spatula )

Liquid Highlighter

How To:

First, I broke up the shadow and scraped it all out into a mixing jar. ( WARNING: this can get messy)

Now, this is where they would normally tell you to add a little alcohol and then press back into the pan. We aren't 'normal'.

Instead, we are going to use a liquid highlighter!

I am using Apocalyptic Beauty Holographic War Paint Liquid Highlighter in Luminous Lavender. (Use code NIGHTSHADE for 20% off $10+)

Start by mixing a few drops into the pulverized shadow remains and mix thoroughly.

I started with the spatula to make sure the shadow was all crushed up then I went in with the blunt end of the mascara wand and continued to stir.

Continue adding more liquid highlighter until you get a mushy clump. I ended up using about 2.5 droppers

Once your consistency looks something like this, carefully transfer it to an eyeshadow pan

The easiest way I have found to do this is to do it in small batches. Take some and flatten it out pushing it to the sides of the pan.

Continue to fill the pan pressing down and out. It did stick to my spatula so scraping it along the edge of the pan was a must to ensure it all got into the pan.

If you want it to look a little neater, you can use a tissue and a coin to get it to your liking. For me, this is fine.

This is what my shadow used to swatch like.. I know you are asking yourself ' is there even anything there'? I can assure you there is, but it just didn't want to give up the pigment.

Okay, now let's try our new shadow!

First, the finger swatch

As you can see, now it's no longer basic white and has a soft lavender hue.

On to the back of the hand..

You can kinda see the right side which was the before swatch in comparison to the new swatch

Now, the eye test

Beautiful base shadow!

How will this work with other liquid highlights? 

It depends on the ingredients. Higher oil content may have different results. I encourage you to try it out! let me know what you come up with!

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