Zombie SFX Makeup Tutorial


Hello Loves!! For those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you have probably seen my zombie makeup for the haunted house I work for the next 2 weeks.

Today, I want to show you how I go 


from this...


To this!

Let's get started!


and on we go!

First thing's first, if you are going to be wearing color contacts, you are going to want to put those in prior to doing your makeup.

I am wearing Lunar Eclipse from Spooky eyes


Now we apply some primer. Right now, I am loving this e.l.f Poreless Face Primer. Since I am going to be making a foundation that is way lighter than my skin tone, this primer will help from making my pores stand out.

Time to mix our foundation. You will need a foundation that you like, a white foundation, I will be using this white, lightening foundation from L.A Girl, you will also need a mixing surface and something to mix with

Next, apply foundation and blend in. I find that a beauty blender works the best as a brush can leave streaks.

Time to set and bake. I will be using Makeup Revolution Ghost Baking Powder. This powder is colorless and mattifying.

I prefer to bake under the eyes and brush over the rest to set it. Start by applying a heavy dose of power under your eyes and allow to set for a few. Brush powder over the rest of the face then brush away under the eyes.


 I happen to find the perfect palette for this look! This is the NYX I'm Your Element Fire Palette

First we are going to take the bottom left orange shade and apply it with a blending brush into the crease and outer corner of the eye.

 Taking the same brush, we are then going to use the red shade and apply it in the crease and outer corner just as we did with the orange. This time, we are going to blend above and below the crease as well.

 With a smaller blending brush and the same red, we are then going to go under the lower lash line and blend from outer to inner corner.

 Using the first brush, we are going to dip in to this dark purple shade and go deep in the crease and outer corner.  then again under the lower lash line with the smaller brush.

Taking the small brush and the black shade, we are going to define the crease a little and lower lash line.

Take a large fluffy brush and the red shade

and blend everything together. then drag down under the eye

Mixing the red and black shades apply to eyebrows (optional)


What you will need, a sponge, liquid latex, cotton balls, tweezers

This part can get a little messy so I recommend having a wet rag or makeup remover wipes and putting your hair back

First, you will want to pull apart some cotton. You want to do some smaller pieces and some larger ones, some strands, and some clumps.This process is all about small sections and layers. You can do as many or as few layers as you like to achieve the look you are going for. This can dry rather quickly, so you want to work in small areas at a time

Apply a thick coat of liquid latex  Add a piece of cotton ball

add another coat of liquid latex on top of the cotton

using your tweezers, you can pull parts of the cotton/latex away from your face to create texture or slashes

Continue this process all over your face as needed. Bigger sections can be added in a clump.

Once you have the look you want, we need to mix more foundation ( if you still have left over, you can skip this step)

Using a beauty blender pat all over the cotton/latex and blend it as well as you can. Now, those of you who know the golden rule of not adding cream/liquid over power are probably freaking out right now. I PROMISE for this look it will be fine :)

Now time to create the 'discoloration'. Take a stiff brush and the dark purple shade and you are just going to stipple everywhere on and around the areas we applied the cotton/latex

Now we do the same thing with the red shade using the same brush.

Finally, add some black with a small brush to create dimension

Add some blood and you are done!