Social Media Made Me: Vamp Stamp

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Hello beautiful!

Well, social media did it to me again! I love trying new products and social media makes it so easy with all the ads out there.

What we have today, and I'm sure you have seen it, the Vamp Stamp.

What is It: This silicone stamp will allow you to get that perfect wing every time. There are 3 sizes; Kitten (small), Medium and large.

How to use it: Simply apply your favorite gel or liquid liner to the silicone stamp, place, and stamp. Fill in any areas as needed.


So the hardest part was deciding what size to get. I know Kitten would have been too small for me, I don't like a subtle wing. So, I said to myself, ' Self, go big or go home' and naturally I got the large.

The stamp itself is ergonomically designed like a triangle making it very easy to hold and use.

There are two sides; one for the left eye and one for the right. I love that it's so comfortable to hold!

For this test, I decided to try it with a mousse liner. This one isn't my favorite as it tends to smudge but this is what I had on hand.

I did attempt to use a pencil liner and a liquid liner. Pencil liner didn't work so well, though a kajal one may work well. The liquid liner provided it stays wet long enough, will work as well. You may need to fill in a little more area, but either one will work.



Step 1:  Apply liner to stamp


Step 2:  Line up and stamp

I didn't get this one lined up right and it did smudge a little bit. Let's try the other side

So, it's not perfect and takes some practice. I kinda wish the stamp itself was clear, like the stamps for the nail art.


I think this is a good product for those who have a hard time with doing a wing. Do  I think it's worth the $25? I feel the price is a little steep for what it is. I think that this was something fun to try out and hey I may try it again!